Brighton Youth Association Football League - BYAFL, strives to provide the youth of the city of Brighton and Adams County with an opportunity to develop sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and leadership skills through participation in football and cheer.

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BYAFL - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. What is the BYAFL? 
A.  BYAFL is the Brighton Youth Association Football League. Founded in 1983, BYAFL is a non-profit [501(c)3] association managed and administered by an elected Board of Directors. The elected board consists of the following members: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The appointed members are Field Manager, Equipment Manager, and County Representative.
The BYAFL is part of the larger Jefferson County Midget Football Association (JMFA).

A. What is the BYAFL’s Mission Statement?
A.  The purpose of this organization is to promote and conduct a football program for youths from grades 1st* through 8th regardless of sex, creed, religious preference, that are physically and mentally able to participate, in accordance with the rules of football including proper team spirit, individual conduct and good sportsmanship.

*JMFA has no 1st grade teams. 1st graders will be placed on a 2nd grade team in their first year, and then return to a new 2nd grade team the following year to join their peers.

Q. Where is the BYAFL located?
A.  BYAFL serves the city of Brighton, Colorado as well as the surrounding communities in western Adams County. 

Q. What schools do BYAFL players attend?
 Players in the BYAFL organization generally attend schools within the Brighton 27J School District. Schools include, but are not limited to: South Elem., Southeast Elem., North Elem., Northeast Elem., Pennock Elem., Bromley East Charter, Brighton Heritage Academy, Foundations Academy, Overland Trail Middle, Vikan Middle, Brighton HS and Eagle Ridge HS.

Q. What are the registration Boundaries?
  Our registration area boundaries are based upon Brighton HS articulation. Please utilize the districts website articulation system located here Those children living outside of Brighton HS articulation should check with their local football association. Request to play in Brighton Youth Assoc. Football League from outside the Brighton HS articulation area are taken on a case by case basis.

Q. When is the BYAFL season?
A.  The season runs from early August until late November.

Q. How do I register my child to play? 
A.  Online registration starts as early as March 1st and can be completed through the website  There are no walk-up registrations.

Q. How do I register my child to play? 
A.  Online registration starts as early as March 1st and can be completed through the website  There are no walk-up registrations.

Q. How much does it cost to register?
A.  The cost of registration is $175. Football equipment including helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, socks, cleats and athletic supporter with hard cup will be provided by the player. Game Jersey and Game Pants will be ordered through the association. The jersey cost is $65 and required of new players and those returning players wishing to replace their previous years jersey.  Note: Each year there is a cut-off date in which a late fee($25) is charged in addition to this cost.

QWhat does the registration fee pay for?
A.   All Registration fees covers practice and game day fields; insurance, game day officials, coaches and field equipment. Also included are any league patches for championships and honor and integrity issued by JMFA.

Q. Are there other requirements?

  1. Each player must receive a physical examination before he/she is eligible to participate in any practice or games.  The physical examination may be obtained from your physician and is different than an annual check-up. Parents should ask specifically for a sports or contact sports physical.
  2. A copy of the original birth certificate.
  3. A copy of current school enrollment with grade placement.
  4. A copy of a utility bill or other document verifying address.

These documents will be kept in the player’s packet and kept strictly confidential.

Q. How does my child get placed on a team? 
A.  Children are divided into teams based on their grade level, grades 2 through 8. 1st Graders are placed on a 2nd grade team during their first year and then will play on a 2nd grade team again in their 2nd grade school year. 

  • All new players enter a blind draft where they are placed based on their grade. Information know to coaches in the draft consist only of patch/non-patch and a specific coach request.
  • A new player is able to submit one request to try to be placed on (1) a specific team(coach) OR (2) with a specific friend OR (3) in a specific Division.  NO requests are guaranteed but every effort is made to match requests. 
  • All returning players will be placed on previous years roster unless otherwise requested.
  • A returning player is able to submit one request to be placed on a different team other than their previous one.  Should a player desire to be placed on a new team, they will be placed in the blind draft and will be selected by a team other than their previous.

It is important to note that the BYAFL strives to provide quality playing experience and excellent coaching on all teams. Players may not always end up on the team of their choice.

Players/families are contacted following the annual draft to be introduced to the coach and understand practice logistics, dates, etc.

Q. What if my child has never played football before?
A.  For all 4th through 8th grade players who are new to tackle football, BYAFL highly encourages each of them to request Division III.

Q. Division I/II/III? What does that mean?
All teams playing in JMFA are broken up in to three(3) divisions. These divisions are designed to create parity amongst the teams. 2nd grade teams all start in the same division. Thereafter, each of the 3rd through 8th grade teams are slotted in one of the divisions based on their record. Teams stay in their assigned division unless in the previous season, that team competes in the Carnation Bowl or is one of the bottom two(2) teams based on record.
Championship teams(div II & III) move up a division and the bottom two(2) teams(div I & II) move down a division. Rookie or new teams are slotted in division III.
There are no tryouts, regardless of Division.

Q. My child played last year but does not want to return to his previous team. What can we do?
By rule all returning players, including those that took 1 year off from playing, must return to their previous team unless requesting to leave their that team. In that case, the player will be placed in to a blind draft and selected by another team in the grade group. No returning player may request a coach to play for. Returning players can request a different Division(level of play). This is only a request and no placement guarantees will be made.

Q. We requested a specific coach(new player) or a different Division(returning player), but were selected by another team?
While we strive to accommodate requests, player placement is not guaranteed. We strongly believe that all our teams are positively coached and your child will receive a quality experience no matter what team they play on. Should the placement of your child be unsatisfactory, you may request to be unregistered from BYAFL and will be subject to our refund policy

Q. What is your refund policy?
REFUND POLICY - Registrations received after July 15th will be placed only if space is available, even if you were previously on a team.

  • There is a non refundable $25 administration fee for every registered player. 
  • There is a non refundable $65 for jersey purchase for all registered players that paid for the jersey during the registration year.
  • ALL refunds will be minus the $25 administration & $65 jersey fee if applicable.
  • 100% refund minus admin & jersey fee until August 15.
  • 50% refund minus admin & jersey fee until the day before weigh-ins.
  • No refunds will be issued for those who withdraw on or after the first regular season game.

$25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Q. What equipment does my child need?
A.  Each player is required to play in JMFA approved equipment. Game jersey and game pants are purchased through the association. Each player will need the following additional items. All of which can be purchased at the retailer of choice for each family:

  • Football Helmet with chin strap - Helmet must be Matte Red with black facemask
  • Shoulder pads
  • Practice pants (including pads).
  • Socks
  • Cleats
  • A mouth piece
  • Any additional pads and undergarments desired. For boys, a protective cup and support are required. 

Q. When are practices and games?
A.  There are typically 3(4 for older teams) practices and one game per week.  Games are typically held on Saturday, although in some cases games are scheduled during the week due to field availability and other schedule logistics.  Teams are scheduled to play 8 games for the season, not including pre-season and post-season. 

Q. Where are practices and games?
A.  Practice locations are provided to the coaches at the time of the draft.  Each player/family will be contacted with these logistics once they are known.  Games locations vary based on the opponent.  The JMFA region stretches from the Brighton area to the north, down to the Highlands Ranch area to the south, east to Green Valley Ranch and west to the Evergreen High School area.

QExplain weigh-ins?  
A. Although JMFA is an unlimited weight football league we do have weight limitations for certain positions. Any player that exceeds the weight chart below at weigh-ins by .01 lbs must play a position that is considered on the line of scrimmage. These positions include-Defensive End, Defensive Tackle and Nose Guard. For Offense these positions include- Tight End, Split End, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard and Center. If you son or daughter is over the weight limit they will be considered a ‘Patch Player” and will wear a special sticker on their helmet.   

2014 Patch Weight (per grade level) shall be as follows:
  • 2nd grade, 75 lbs.
  • 3rd grade, 85 lbs.
  • 4th grade, 95 lbs.
  • 5th grade, 105 lbs.
  • 6th grade, 120 lbs.
  • 7th grade, 135 lbs.
  • 8th grade Seniors have no weight restrictions.

Q. Are there regular meetings for the BYAFL group?
A.  The BYAFL Board meets once a month, unless a special meeting is required, starting in January on the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at 7:30 P.M. during the season and at 7:00PM in the off-season.  Meetings are attended by Coaches and Team Managers. Check on the website calendar to make sure that it's scheduled, as from time to time dates are changed because of scheduling conflicts.
Note: Persons or groups/business entities wishing to solicit at a monthly board meeting must have Board Approval prior to the meeting.